A Bastard Child at GIFF

About 670 expressive watercolor and ink paintings come to life in a moving story about Hervor, who was born in 1909 as the daughter of an unmarried mother. It took the director and artist Knutte Wester (Gzim Rewind, GFF 2012) four years to complete the pictures that depict his grandmother's upbringing in an unjust and undemocratic Sweden. Her mother was thrown out of her parents' home and while Hervor was growing up in different families and children's homes—unwanted and despised by society—her mother tried to get by as a servant and cook. This historical tale leads up to the present, when these matters are still highly relevant. A Bastard Child is a film that powerfully marks the weight of children's rights, something that unpleasantly enough has begun to be questioned in today's societal climate.


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